For thirty-six years, the Association of Architects for Protection and Intervention in Architectural Heritage (AADIPA) of the Association of Catalan Architects (COAC), has been organizing a Seminar on December. This year, from 11 to 14 December, the 37thedition will be held on Sacred Heritage: permanentinnovation. This Seminar is one of the most renowned architectural heritage activities on Europe. It has achieved great prestige and projection (as evidenced by the attendance of more than 200 expert people on average during lasteditions).

The goal of this Seminar is to analyzeour extensive SacredHeritage, understood in a broad sense. It emphasizesreligious buildings in Europe account for over 70 % of the overall catalogued assets. In terms of volume and importance, we want to create a forum for reflection and debate. It can serve to define this heritage,its condition, law requirements and other questions related. In particular, we emphasize on the maintenance, consolidation, restoration, improvement, rehabilitation and transformation that have taken place in recent years, not forgetting, either, “ex novo” interventions. To achieve these goals, we will have the contribution of local and international experts, professionals belonging to different fields related to the subject, who will discuss their experiences.